Education Solutions

Tailored training and curriculum solutions for the funded and private education environments.

We offer full lifecycle support from learner recruitment through to work placement, including curriculum design, development of course materials, training delivery (online and trainer-led) and learner support.

Partnering with local employers, we   provide work experience and guidance on an individual leaner basis to help them translate their new skills into job opportunities.Learn More

Training Consultancy & Apprenticeships

Enabling your organisation to effectively develop, deliver and manage staff personal and professional development. We offer a range of levy or non-levy apprenticeships and are approved on the register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.

We offer a full range of industry recognised and accredited courses including security, first-aid, health and safety, positive handling and conflict management.Learn More

Our message…

At White Point we provide your business with affordable and robust products and services to serve your education, management and consultancy requirements.

We pride ourselves on effective and proven deliverables that will enhance your whole business environment.  As our tag line suggests, we aim to show the way to where you need to be as an individual or a business…

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